I Loved This

by Waylen

This was awesome.

Very well written, funny, and still included ancient lore.

We'll done, and thank you!

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by Neptune
(Canada )

This whole boat naming thing is ridiculous.

Just change the name if you dont like it.

Nothing bad will happen.

It is just superstition.

Boats are abiotic factors of an ecosystem, and therefore don't care about their name.

-"ThisIsNauticalNonsense II"

Comments for stupid

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by: Cal

Yes that's just how I felt when I went to sea.

Hart failure the whole crew was going to die.

Not the fact that I belong out here, captains going back as far as you could think.

And some of the stupid things that were only measured by time out there.

Seagulls dipping in the sea was this a tale or even important.

Well as I found out, mirages are a sign of SE winds.

Science was not what was going on in my mind.

No whistling in the wheel house, would bring up the wind again.

Took years, I was in the arctic when I realized we are all part of this weather, sea.

Whistle and the aurora borealis will come down and visit you.

The 'she' in a boat comes out when shit hits the fan, not the fact that the design of the boat may be off, laud.

No ladies on board.

Like don't take your eye of the compass or you may go blind.

Name change as long as it's female, love my girls


Touch Wood
by: Poseidon, the Earth-Shaker

Oh dear, you really want to risk causing chaotic springs, earthquakes, drownings and shipwrecks?

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Very good advice, enjoyed it and learned something.

However, I am a little disturbed at the spelling and punctuation errors which makes it difficult to take any if this seriously.

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