by Anders Lamren

I was going to look up "Azimuth Angle"(Z) but found only "Azimuth".

As far as I know Azimuth (Zn) is always measured from true North clockwise over 90, 180, 270 to 360 degrees, not from the South Point as you say.

I know the correct definition of "Azimuth Angle" (Z). Ref: Sght Reduction Tables HO229 from U.S. Naval Oceanographic Office.

Its quite astonishing how many false "definitions" that exists on this term.

Best regards,
Anders Lamren

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by: Anders

In English Azimuth (Zn) and Bearing are synonymous. Measured from true North clockwise 0-360 target.

Azimuth Angle (Z), is measured from true South (South hemisphere) or from true North (North hemisphere) Eastward or Westward 0-180 deg.
Please see attached (if possible).


Azimuth Angle
by: Bill

The Azimuth is similar to the bearing in that it is the angle between the observer’s meridian and the direction of the celestial body.

Bearings are measured clockwise from north from 0o to 360o.

Azimuth is usually measured from 0o to 180o from either north or south which ever pole is nearest.

However, any direction can be the plane of reference, as long as it is clearly defined.

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