66 Owens is in need of some TLC

by Paul Bradley
(Alexandria, VA)

The old girl needs some TLC and a little help.

But at least she still floats.

Got her for free, she will take some time to repair.

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She is gone
by: Former Owner

Still trying to figure out who did some damage to my old boat.

I was gone for a while due to my wife having a accident on a motorcycle accident.

Just about all my tooling except an old table saw and some electric cords were taken off the boat.

I had done alot of work to the boat and replaced most of the glass and rotten wood inside.

Couple of low life people who were drinking heavy at the boat yard thought it would be fun to take all my stuff and disconnect the electric.

Yes the old girl sank after the batteries went dead.

When I was notified that the boat gone we found out it was on the bottom in 30 ft. of water total loss.

While being raised keel was split and the boat came up in pieces.

Only thing I want to say is be careful of old drunks around your boat who may need money anything can happen.

Guess no one knows anything when asked.

I hope I find another Owens to restore sometime.

welcome to the brotherhood
by: paul

I think restoring old wood boats is calling. Lots of work but good for your soul.

When you get far enough along and get out for a cruise the feeling is terrific

You just can not compare with a Tupperware boat


by: Dean Bachelor

Hey Paul, I think I commented here once before, I have a 63 Tahitian .

Check it out at my blog bachelorvalley.blogspot.com

and on my you tube channel blowinganddrifting you can just google blowinganddrifting I should pop up.

looking forward to hearing from you, Dean


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