'63 Chris Craft 17'motor mounts wallered out.

by Jared

I have a '63 Chris Craft cavalier 17' 283, etc.

It has been restored except the motor mounts seem to have been "stripped", "wallered out", or what ever the technical term is.

But it has left the motor just loose enough it moves after an hour, just enough that it starts leaking around the packing and all that around the propeller.

Considering re drilling and re bolting, or filling and re drilling, not sure what is recommended?

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Sep 06, 2015
motor mounts
by: Anonymous

Hi Jared, not a mechanical man at all but I can tell you from experience that the tighter down you tie her the more she wants to move.

Is it possible that the mount rubbers aren't doing the job?

Also if not properly aligned to start with you will create enough vibration to make her move.

Good luck

Aug 29, 2015
not broken mounts
by: Jared

I don't know how to exactly explain, the bolts that go through the mounts into the stringer, are old and worn, and not able to grip what remains of the "flukes" new lag bolts had no effect.

While running, the torque from the propeller/drive shaft area causes the whole motor to shift to the passenger side, leaving a gap in the packing around propeller shaft and creating a small leak.

Is a good ol' Bolt and nut a possibility instead of resins and epoxy stuff?

Aug 28, 2015
Broken Mount?
by: Ron

I wish I could see a picture of the mount.

If it is like a car mount, have you tried putting a pry bar under it to see if it is broken?

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