21 foot DIY Cabin Cruiser (from scratch, no plans)

by Steve Page
(San Louis Obispo)

My friend and I built a 21 foot cabin cruiser from scratch using strictly wood from home depot.

The project took 45 days to complete.

We had no official plans we just sort of went at it, but in the end I think we came out with a solid product.

Most importantly the building of the boat brought the community together, and in the end it floated nicely, too bad the motor we borrowed didn't work.

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by: Mike

Hi Guys,
I’ve just received the query below, I don’t know anything about the project other than what is in the message but thought you guys might be interested.

I'm a Casting
Director working on a national TV commercial for a major tech brand.
We're looking for a Houseboat Designer under the age of 35 to
potentially be featured in the ad. Just wondering if you know anyone!
It pays super well and the exposure would be unbeatable.
Feel free to check out our website to get a sense of the project:


by: jc

You guys are truly inspirational.

Ingenuity wins out again!

Go for it
by: I like wood boats

Sometimes comments by old salts destroy enthusiasm.

I knew more about wood at their age but look at the fun they had planning, figuring,dreaming and learning.

That by itself makes a great boat and if it floats well enough to do the job better yet.

Our first boats took us on a 65mile river cruise through rapids and pools.

Messing about in boats... Well go read a year in a yawl.

That book is adventure.

by: cal

Nice video, think a junk sail would give her a good twist.

Liked it so much think you should do another.

Well Done
by: Bill

Congratulations guys,

Just goes to show what you can do when you put your minds to it and follow through.

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