2 Old Gals

by Andrew Robson

Hello Members, Just a quick introduction.

I am now in my mid 50's and other than a Hobie 16 and an 18' Formula deep vee I have no boat experience, however in the last year I have become the proud owner of 2 large veteran wooden boats.

Maralia (MissM) was built by Taylor Bates, and launched early 1927, she is 45', 1" Teak on closely spaced bent oak frames, love at first sight.

The other is Glala, (Doris) built 1915 by AR Luke, also teak planked(2") she is a little longer at 78' and a Dunkirk little ship.

Needless to say it has been a steep learning curve so far but a very enjoyable experience, but reality being what it is I have also learned that I will have to let one go.

More on my boats later but if anyone is interested in a truly classic well built 45' Gentlemens yacht please get in touch.

As soon as I figure out the picture upload procedure I will add pictures of both boats.

Cheers for now and I look forward to discussion with like minded people,


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Feb 21, 2023
This used to be my home :)
by: Anonymous

It's lovely to see Maralia in the hands of someone who 'fell in love at first sight' with her.

For many years, I actually lived aboard with my parents, later just my Dad, and two brothers. It was tight but bought lovely memories of being able to come home from school to kayak, sail or crab off the side.

Unfortunately, life lead to my Dad to have to sell when 2 out of 3 of us left home and he was unable to stay aboard. We loved our time with this boat but it provides me with many happy memories!

Jan 09, 2022
old boat
by: Anonymous

I seen this boat it on the dry , and being listed for sale on a boating sales page . it needs a lot of work and the asking price is way up in price

Sep 01, 2021
by: Pj

Where is Boat located I’m on the East Coast

Sep 14, 2020
1930's pilot cutter
by: Kim

I have recently fallen in love with my 30's pilot cutter Nona of Fife but she needs a lot of restoration.

I am a 52 yr old woman with no experience of doing up a boat I know nothing!

Never had a boat but fell for this one. I am gonna be here a lot I reckon. :)

Jul 06, 2018
Hi y’all,
by: Bob

I am mid 70s retired marine engineer...lived in Europe for 12 years ... sailed in Baltic & N sea. Now novelist ( read my trumps wall ... Amazon Kindle) seeking restorable 12-14 mtr motorsailer for liveaboard in USA with one last transatlantic crossing.

bob Collins at theinstep@aol.com

Jul 06, 2018
Nice old project boat
by: Andrew

Hello Dan,
Well she would fit the bill of "Nice old project boat" in every sense.

I purchased her 15 months ago with a view to making her my home. Then an opportunity to own another boat came up which was too good to pass up.

I have spent a lot of time removing the non original "joinery" which after years of neglect was not in a savable state.

Any original joinery has either been left in the boat or was carefully removed and stored.

I have also cleaned out the bilge, not an inconsiderable task, and scrubbed the interior of the hull sides where accessible.

As far as I can tell she has all her original planking intact and they are still tight to each other and the frames. A respected local shipwright came aboard a month or two ago and had a quick look at her, without prompting he stated that he really liked the way she was constructed and it was obvious that she would have been an expensive boat when built.

He also thought that she was in good shape for her age and that it was quite possible that she has never been re-caulked! (which after going over her on the inside I would tend to agree with)

Her wheelhouse, which as far as I can tell was added either immediately before the war, or more likely by the war department during the war is solid teak, it is an incredible space at 3.7m X 2.1m and 2m headroom. The boat has 6'+ headroom throughout and her original layout made exceptional use of all her space.

She is one of only two known remaining designs by the designer and needs someone who understands what she represents and will take the time and care to bring her back to her former glory.

It is probably easier to contact me by email though so we can discuss in more detail if you are interested,

Jul 06, 2018
by: Daniel

Hi Andrew

I have just joined in here and not too sure of how the site works.

I am a retired shipwright living in Spain, bored stiff and looking for a nice old project boat.

Can I have some more information on Maralia?



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