1963 century resorter steering wheel adjustment

by Jimi
(Myrtle Beach , SC)

My steering wheel has gradually moved from straight level to 90 degrees to starboard.

How do I adjust it back to level again? Thnx

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Jun 27, 2019
by: Anonymous

1963 PROBABLY does not have teleflex steering, it has cables? Am I correct?

If so, the correct adjustment was at the cables to the rudder/outboard if equipped/ HALF A TURN THOUGH wow, if it's a cable drive I suspect one of the cables is failing (they have multiple strands inside a sheath) so it is starting, or has, to strech, do you feel a difference left to right?

If not just simply take the wheel off and recenter, Im going to guess though that your vessel has been refitted, in that case it's time for the dealer/shipyard/boatIgottaspendmoneyplace.

God bless and goodluck

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