1963 18' Old Town Lapstrake Runabout

by Jim Mullins
(Crownsville, MD)

1963 18' Old Town Lapstrake Runabout, 28hp Johnson outboard

I am at the point of painting my hull and need some advice on next steps specifically should I  use a West System epoxy as a primer coat over existing painted surface?

The reason for using the epoxy was to ensure the ring marks from the fasteners disappear.

I originally skimmed these areas with West System epoxy and flaring compound and looks like it did the job.

So far I pressured washed the hull, clean with bleach, sanded and will wipe down with TSP before I paint.

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Feb 05, 2023
Oldtown 185' Boat Restoration
by: pr.bailey@assumption.edu

Good Morning:

I actually owned two of the 17'6 Oldtowns.

In 1961 and 1962.

I believe you are doing a great job on your restoration.

Originally there should be a bulkhead panel with a door that leads to under the bow for storage.

I will comment that if you have an 28 HP motor, the boat is by far underpowered.

That boat is fairly heavy.

My first one had a 40 HP Johnson.

It did well with just me; however, would bog down if you had three other passengers.

That was corrected with a 75 HP Johnson which gave the boat greater torque and the ability to plain quickly.

I wish I had the boat back.



Oct 06, 2017
Old Town Progress
by: Jim Mullins

Dec 19, 2016
by: Jeff

Hi Jim,

Beautiful boat!

I just picked one of these up in the woods near my home in....Old Town, Maine!

It needs LOTS of work, and is my first project of this type.

Despite the elements, I have been able to sand down the varnished wood (i.e. windshield, windows, bow, etc.) to the bare wood, and it is in surprisingly good shape.

My question...what do you recommend for re-finishing the unpainted wood?

Is there a stain recommended to get back that original golden brown, or will a marine varnish alone bring back that color?

I am really a newbie here, so any advise would be greatly appreciated.


Aug 12, 2015
Old Town Lapstrake
by: Dave S

West epoxy is expensive. So, do not coat over painted wood. It will not last! West should be applied directly to clean, dry bare wood. Or, it will peel off in a year.

If you apply to clean wood it can be painted over. This will last and last!

Dave S

Apr 27, 2015
She's looking good Jim
by: Mike

She's looking good Jim.

Sorry about the delay in adding your latest photos.

I've been stuck up a muddy creek (in my boat) with a very poor internet connection.

Thanks for keeping us updated.



Apr 26, 2014
by: Jim Mullins

Thanks, that all makes sense

Apr 26, 2014
Epoxy makes an acceptable primer.
by: Charles Reynolds

Epoxy makes an acceptable primer.

Ideally, you use a proper primer for wood under your paint (dependant upon paint type.)

I believe I would get out the power sander and some 60 or 80 grit paper (or soda blast) and remove as much of the old paint as I could before applying primer.

That old paint looks heavily cracked and threatens to peel under your new paint coat, which would ruin an otherwise good job.

Apr 26, 2014
expensive primer
by: Mike

Hi Jim,

By all means use epoxy on the bare patches.

But on the painted areas it won’t be able to penetrate through into the wood so it will just be an expensive primer.


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