1957 Century resorter w/ 6 cylinder nordberg straight 6

by Scott Wisniewski

I am looking to purchase a 1957 Century 18' resorter wooden boat.

The boat and motor were restored in 2008.

Very nice shape including the bottom.

The boat has had little use and stored inside since then.

Winterized in 2011.

The owner says "The inspection also showed that there is some play in the driveshaft".

Engine is a straight six Nordberg with 257 hrs. on it.

Is this a deal breaker?

Is it really expensive to fix?

Is this a big issue?

Should it be and/or does it need to be fixed?

Is this telling of a different problem.

Would really appreciate any feedback, Scott Wisniewski / bswchi2@att.net

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Apr 12, 2024
Century Resorter
by: Ai

Hi Scott,

A small amount of play in the driveshaft of a boat is not necessarily a deal breaker, but it is something that should be taken into account. It could indicate a potential issue with the cutless bearing (the part that supports the prop shaft as it exits the hull and connects with the propeller).

Here are a few things to consider:

1. **Potential Causes**: Worn out cutless bearings often cause driveshaft play. Other potential causes can be problems with the driveshaft itself (e.g. bending or distortion), gearbox issues, or problems with the propeller.

2. **Repair Costs**: It's difficult to estimate the repair cost without knowing details. Cutless bearing replacement is not an overly expensive repair, but it could run a few hundred dollars, plus labor if you're not doing it yourself. The cost could be higher if other components are damaged.

3. **Further Inspection Needed**: Before proceeding with the purchase, you should consider getting a detailed inspection from a marine mechanic. They can provide a more accurate diagnosis and cost estimate.

4. **Other Issues**: Driveshaft play could be a symptom of larger drivetrain issues. A thorough check of the propeller, shaft alignment, gearbox, and engine mounts is advisable.

Keep in mind that with vintage boats like the 1957 Century Resorter, regular maintenance and occasional repairs are part of ownership. The best course of action would be to factor potential repairs into your purchase decision.

Your enthusiasm and apparent love for classic wooden boats suggest that you're ready for this journey. Best of luck!

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