1956 Penn Yan Swift. Barn Sleeper

by Scot Marechaux
(Belmont, NY)

I found this penn yan swift on craigslist in western ny state.

It has been sleeping in a barn since 1964, hanging from the rafters.

Came with a mercury kg-4.

Both were dirty and dusty.

More photos on flickr https://flic.kr/s/aHskxEAPSR

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Dec 13, 2019
A Marvelous Find
by: Paul Anderson Ed.D.

Truly a marvelous find, one never knows what he will find in the neighbors barn.

The Pen Yan fills a special place in my heart, will never forget the day when she was trailered home.

The next few weekends were spent installing the new 25 hp Johnson Javelin outboard, and running the steering cables and electrical wiring needed to operate the boat.

We also located a nice new Tee Née trailer from which to launch boat.

Our family looked forward to a weekend on the water, towing a pair of skis around a lake , not far from home.

Of particular interest, was the quality and workmanship of the Pen Yan.

She was double planked with a moisture barrier installed between the planks.

Several coats of varnish were applied to the entire boat, with the exception of its bottom.

The bottom was finished with several coats of green Valspar paint.

Lots of wonderful years of service were had in this incredible boat.

Aug 16, 2019
What were your search parameters in craigslist?
by: Santasled

I'm really interested in how you found this boat on Craigslist?

These diamonds in the rough are so hard to find.

Can you help me understand your search criteria so I can find my own!

Thanks, Braxton

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