1955(?) 16ft Clinker Runabout

by Stuart Alexander

My Boat 1955? 16ft clinker built runabout with 1971 50hp Evinrude outboard

Years of build-up but timbers in really good condition overall.

Been toying with the idea of getting it soda blasted back to bare wood on the inside and hand rubbing the outside of the hull.

I first got the boat home after a 2000 odd kilometre round trip after driving from Northbridge Sydney down to coastal Outer Melbourne picking her up and heading straight back same day .

Pretty chuffed with purchase!

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May 01, 2014
Excellent Advise Harry
by: Stuart

Excellent Advise Harry.

Thank you for your interest, much appreciated.
I am, as time permits, still in the process of stripping off all the flaking / lifting paint.

Also clearing the garage so I can get her out of the elements while the timber is bare.

Focusing on transom at moment but I will be taking all advice I can get and using relevant when I get to that point.

Cheers Stuart

May 01, 2014
Copper Napthenate
by: Harry

Just a thought Stuart, those rub-rails / gunwales should be removed and the decking (assuming it`s plywood) should be treated against water ingress.

Plywood end grain wicks water easily and can lead to rot.

I would treat the plywood edges with preservative (I use Copper Napthenate) and let that soak in and dry thoroughly , and then seal edges with epoxy ( brushed on.)

Best done on a hot day, but during the afternoon is best, when the temperature is dropping, the cooling air will help draw in the resin.

Then replace the trim.

Ignore me if you already know all this ...LOL. :)

May 01, 2014
surf lifesaving boat
by: Stuart

Thanks Harry,

I was thinking along those lines myself as to the damage at the transom, I was told ? (" it used to be the mount martha surf lifesaving boat in the 60's")

First to the resto,

I'll see how hard to source a period 30Hp that works well enough .

Cheers Stuart

May 01, 2014
less weight and transom loading
by: Harry

In my humble opinion, an outboard of around 30 HP would suit the boat better.

I think you would find it more than adequate, not to mention less fuel and certainly less weight and transom loading.

The boat may also trim better at lower speeds.

May 01, 2014
Hi Harry Thanks!
by: Stuart

Working on the inside of the hull at moment, the Rego will definetely be coming off when I get to the point.

Trying to figure out if the 50HP Evinrude is too big for this craft as its been flexing the transom.

Looking at adding an Aluminium plate to spread the load somewhat.

First thing though is stripping off peeling paint everywhere.


May 01, 2014
Nice lines on that hull
by: Harry

I know it`s law , but boat registration numbers can ruin a boats looks....imagine that hull without them!
Nice lines on that hull Stuart. I like it !

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