1952 Lind Motor Yatch

by Adam ward
(Juneau, AK.)

My boat has wood chinking between wood hull boards.

How & with what do I replace old chinking.

The chinking is 1/4 Inch wide 3/4 inch deep wedges.

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Jan 29, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am looking for my Dad all I know is his name and he live in Alaska and his name is Adam Ward.

Can any one help me??? ckb616@gmail.com

Apr 28, 2011
Wedge seam repairs
by: Anonymous

If it is just the glue lines that have cracked you could try using a hacksaw blade to clean out any opened ones and then fill them with thickened Epoxy using an empty caulking tube.

Apr 28, 2011
Wedged Seams
by: Timmynocky

Hi Ward,

I'm not familiar with your particular make of boat but quite a few boats were built with the 'Wedge Seam' method of construction.

This method was also used on older boats, which had been conventionally caulked too many times, resulting in uneven and/or wide seams.

The only problem with this method occurs if she is allowed to dry out too much, as the wedges are glued in place.

A wedge seamed boat is usually better off being left in the water the year round, but perhaps that isn't an option up there in Juneau.

If the wedges need replacing I guess you will have to cut them out, you could use a router or a skilsaw but you need to be careful not to cut into the main planking.

The wedges are usually cut from a soft wood such as western red cedar or something similar.

But before you re-wedge, the planking needs to be reasonably dry and then when she is wedged get her back in the water as soon as you can.

She will also need to reasonably dry to take whatever glue you chose to use.

I suggest using urea-formaldehyde or epoxy, brush it on to the wedge and into the seam.

How much needs replacing?

You can do short lengths if that's all that's needed.

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