I have some rot in my stem on a classic double ender I acquired.

Rather than letting it meet it's demise I would like to fix it.

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by: John

Thanks guys, Mike, the rot is at waterline and a considerable amount.

1928 wood double ender stem rot
by: Don Lawson

Two things are certain.

The rotten wood is doing nothing strength wise to your boat, and it wont get better by leaving it.

Start by chocking her up square and level on good firm ground.

Thoroughly support the rotten end in the shape you want her to keep.

Get a good sharp chisel and chop away every last bit of rot, even the stuff that just looks discoloured must come out.

You have saved the rot spreading.

No chemical or magic cure is better than throwing it on the fire.

If the rot is in one place, less than one third the timber thickness and no more than two foot long you can do a proper repair by fitting a Dutchman [ wedge shaped filler scarfed to fit the ends and fitting the bottom as well as possible].

Use good long scarfs and epoxy as a glue.

Consult the West Epoxy handbook and do it right.

Only use timber of the same species and as close as possible to the growth rate as the original and never use a harder or stronger timber.

If you cant match closely, then you must use softer and weaker or you will end up with splits.

If the rot is bigger than I have described you have still saved the cost of the chopping and the boat builder now hasn't got to guess the extent.

Make a start and I promise you will surprise yourself.

Too much information at the start will just scare you.
Good luck.

Rotten Stem
by: Ccal

Put up a picture like mike said that makes for a better look.

Do not do the cement thing you will regret it.

There are cold cure apox but it should be dry.

If you are not a boat builder ask a pro its just wood think it make it happen.

Dry rot spreads I cut one out a few years back replaced it with clear fir, cut it at the dock did the patern at home, what shocked me was the weight difference.

Good luck Cal

Stem Rot
by: Mike

How bad is the rot and where on the stem is the rot located?

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