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it's that time of year again.
April 01, 2015

Smile and the World Smiles with You, Antifoul and you Antifoul Alone.

It's that time of year again, Easter is upon us and what better time to plan ahead.

Boat owners in the southern half of the globe might just be starting to think about winterising their pride and joy.

While those in the in the northern hemisphere are beginning to shop for varnish, bottom paint, and sandpaper.

What unites all us boat owners, when the season for maintenance and repairs arrives, is that we are on our own.

Crew members are strangely nowhere to be seen.

So looks like you are stuck with it and will have to sand, paint and varnish on your own.

But don't panic your crew will come crawling out of the woodwork as soon as you’ve finished and the weather starts to warm up.

Another good reason for keeping to small boats, they are no problem to sand, paint and varnish and can be sailed singlehanded.

Someone sent in this tip to "Prevent Paint from Clogging Sandpaper"

Have you any tips to pass on?

Daylight Saving Time (DST)

This is also the time of year when most of us have gone through the rigmarole of altering our clocks.

Spring forward or fall back why do we have to go through this every year, not just once but twice?

We wake up wondering if we changed the clocks before going to bed.

dstAnd if so did we change all of them, or just some, in which case which ones?

And if so, did we change all of them or just some, in which case which ones?

Then we come to checking the tide tables, some display the adjusted times, some don't, sometimes that hour can be crucial.

I have occasionally thought about rebelling, not changing my clocks but that wold put me out of step with the rest of society, leaving me even more confused than I already am.

Besides, all those cell phones, computers, GPS receivers, and lord knows what else that we are surrounded by, all update the time regardless.

I still don’t understand the point of it all. I mean, if you want to start work or school earlier, why not just go ahead?

What ever happened to the idea of 'flexi time', several years ago that was supposed to be the coming thing?

And why try to save daylight in summer when we have a surplus of it?

Besides there are lots of places that seem to manage without all that fiddling.

Daylight Saving Time (DST) has become standard for most of the U.S. except in Hawaii and Arizona, well most of Arizona, the Navajo reservation, for some reason, observes DST.

There are rebellious regions in both Canada and Australia that have sworn off of the practice.

Half of Brazil practices DST and the other half doesn’t.

And there are the many countries that don’t adjust their clocks each March and October, India, China and Russia, to name a few.

Please Take Care When Afloat.

Personal Floatation Devises (PFD) help prevent drowning but at this time of year it is often the temperature of the water that is the real killer especially if we suddenly and unexpectedly fall in.

I recently lost two wonderful sailing friends who went overboard.

Both great characters who will be sorely missed.

Admittedly they were both in their seventies but for 70 year olds they were both very fit and healthy.

So, please everyone, regardless of your age or fitness, do take care when afloat, especially at this time of year.

And do please take a look at the cold water survival information posted by the Coast Guard.

Much of that advice is to do with spending time in the water.

However, many accidents occur where boaters feel safest and most relaxed about safety, in the marina or on the mooring.

Areas where in theory it should be easy to get out.

Have you put any thought into how you would get out of the water should you fall in when the boat is tied up?

In my view, thought should be given to whatever gets you out of the water fastest with the least amount of energy.

One of the first hazards in cold water are panic, shock and disorientation, it can be a scary experience.

The deceptively simple precaution of imagining the situation and rehearsing in your mind's eye what to do can help dispel any confusion should the occasion occur.

It can also help plan adding such precautions as a boarding ladder and taking note of the easiest alternative route out.

Having gotten yourself out of the water, next thing is to get out of those wet clothes and into something dry.

Do you keep some spare clothing on board?

At my club we even have a bag full of old clothing in the clubhouse for just such an event.

They aren’t the latest style and unlikely to be a good fit but who cares if they are warm and above all dry.

Shanty Boat, House Boat or Camp Boat?

My idea of a shanty boat is one that has been tacked together from odd bits of drift wood and looks tatty.

A houseboat on the other hand brings to mind something that floats but doesn’t go anywhere.

One that is permanently moored to its base with its own underwater garden sprouting from the hull.

camp boat

Roy describes his "Dianne's Rose" as a Shanty/Camp/Houseboat.

Perhaps "Camp Boat" or even “Tiny Cabin on the Water” are the better descriptions.

hose boat

But Harry's 6 ton, 40 footer doesn’t fit any of these categories.

She is being built to cruise the Murray River in South Australia.

I think we could do with a different/better descriptive name for these types of superb home built palaces.

Any suggestions?

This Month's Wooden Boat Events
4th to 5th April
Lake Macquarie Classic Boatfest

10th to 12th April
The Oriental Boat Show
North Carolina, USA

11th April

12th April
PCC Vintage & Veterans Race
New Zealand

13th to 19th April
Cajun Classique Antique Boat Cruise
Louisiana, USA
15th to 21st April
Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta
Windward Islands

17th to 19th April
Bayou Teche Wooden Boat Show
Louisiana, USA

17th to 19th April
Hot Springs Classics Boat Show
18th April
Lake Hartwell Antique Boat Show
18th to 19th April
Depoe Bay Crab Feed & Classic Wooden Boat Show
Oregon, USA

19th April
The Apalachicola Antique & Classic Boat Show
Florida, USA

25th April
PCC Anzac Day Regatta
New Zealand

25th April
Matten Schippersrace

For links and more events visit the Wooden Boat Events Calendar

And please to let us know about any events that are not already listed

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