1968 Pace Two Bedroom Two Bath\Flybridge

by Ray
(Ontario Canada)

Hi boaters,

I bought a 1968 pace seamed\ no pun, awsome idea, at the time after the fly bridge steering chain fell off four seconds into my maiden voyage in about 9 knot curent up stream with me.

I just happen to dock a hundred feet from a nice conrete bridge the chain came off just after I turned full starbord right sh. 50 feet from the bridge.

Ha I straighten the wheel put her in gear \both forward \\\\xx sh\//, where going right turn, stick one in rewind half throttle whoo, that was close stick it in forward again \ same thing \ {chain}.

After a bolt down the steps to the cabin and grab the wheel ah it works,, I still knock my head for wood haven't touched nothing yet.

Yeh I need to do caulking of some sort in the next two weeks and don't know what to use.

Thanx have a good summer it will bee here soon.

PS. That was the first time I took it out and had my oldest daughter and my brand new grandson of two months she thought we were dead ha ha so did the ten people watching on shore.

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