Justine Marie

by Bryan Marsh
(Bodega Bay Ca. USA)

I just purchased this 60' trawler built by Peterson boat works in 1953.

She has been sitting for 6 or 8 years.

I got her for $10.00 dollars at a lean sale.

Where do I start so I can determine if its a viable project or a scrap job.

Bryan Marsh

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by: hannahboats.com

Have fun, enjoy, its a wonderfull adventure.

I have a 40 ft wooden fishing troller myself, started out thinking "my god what have I done", got to know the boat and restoring is fantastic fun.

Transom Picture?
by: Anonymous

Do you have a picture of the transom with the name?

I have a god daughter named Justine Marie.

Saving older wooden boats
by: Christopher.P

Just by looking her I see she is siting high out of the water.

But you could be leaking in to the bilge for all I know but she looks pretty good from here.

I just I'm really in to older boats I just love them, if you start this job be good to her.

And have fun.

And pull her out of the water see what's going on.

Thanks sir for showing her off, $10.00 Bucks lucky guy.

I'm from Newport R.I. I've never see a sale like this,
Good luck.

Justine Marie
by: cal

Nice to see a picture.

Look for rot, thats a start.

It looks like it needs bottem paint.

Take it out of the water, price a survey, if it's sound then go for it.

Good luck

60 ft boat
by: cal

A0 lot of boat Justine, put up a few pictures.

Fee comes by a lot lately its the cost of storage and time.

If its a wood boat my friend, just had his hull refashioned, two new planks, re plugged and painted to the water line.

This cost him twenty grand, he paid 3500 for the boat and offered it two me for two thousand.

It became a summer cabin, even though I love wood boats this one's too big.

Do the math then take on your dreams,

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